Antique Map of the Dutch Colonial Empire in the late 17th Century by Mees (1864)

Add this shop to my favorites. Antique Map of the Dutch Colonial Empire in the late 17th Century by Mees (1864). Availability: in stock Condition : Good, general age-related toning. Minor wear, blank verso. Includes descriptive text in green wrapper. …

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Empire Of Russia 1710 Jb Homann Large Antique Engraved Map 18th Century

Title of the map. Generalis Totius IMPERII RUSSORUM Novissima Tabula…. IOHANNIS BAPTISTAE HOMANNI Norimbergae. With a nice decorative cartouche. He founded his company in 1702. In 1705, he became the Geograph of the Emperor Charles VI. In the same year, …

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Europe in the 18th Century Holy Roman Empire Italy France 1761 Buache map

Europe Physique, Politique, et Astronomique. (Old Maps, 18th Century Maps, Europe, Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Poland, Switzerland, Low Countries, Netherlands, Belgium, United Provinces, France, British Isles, Spain, Ottoman Empire, Scandinavia, Italy, Russian Empire,). Issued 1761, Paris by …

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18th Century Europe France Holy Roman Empire Ottomans 1720 Chatelain large map

Nouvelle Carte Des Cociles Genereaux et Paticuliers Que Se Sont Tenus En Europe, En Asie, En Afrique. Old Maps, 18th Century Maps, Europe, Iberia, France, British Iles, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Poland, Russian Empire, North Africa, Holy Land. Issued …

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