Anjou France 1593 Gerard De Jode Large Unusual Antique Map 16th Century

Title of the map. “EXACTA NOVAQUE DESCRIPTIO DUCATUS ANDEGAVENSIS QUEM VULGARI NOMINE Le Duche d’Aniou INDIGITANT”. Large unusual and detailed copper engraved map of Anjou, in France. The map is centered on Angers. Latin text in back. Size with margins …

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Leman Lake Switzerland 1568 Sebastian Munster Antique Engraved Map 16th Century

On back, parriots, gelinottes & pheasants. Cosmographie Universelle du Monde de Sebastian Munster, French edition, 1 568, by Henri Pierre or Heinrich Petri, Basle, 16th Century. Size of the page. X 19,5 cm / 11,4 x 7,4 inches. Size of …

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Corsica France 1550 Sebastian Munster Antique Wood Engraved Map 16th Century

Sebastian M√ľnster (20 January 1488 – 26 May 1552) was a German cartographer, cosmographer, and a Christian Hebraist scholar. His work, the Cosmographia. Was the earliest description of the world. Sebastian Munster was one of the most influential cartographers in …

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